Women of Worth was founded in 2001 to restore the lives of abused women and children in Nevada and Placer counties.

Sandy Schmidt Founder Women of WorthWomen of Worth was founded by Sandy Escobar-Schmidt, a domestic violence survivor whose personal passion is to help abused women and children escape domestic violence. Women of Worth is supported almost entirely by the generosity of our great community. You can help by offering volunteer time, material donations and financial assistance, both of which are tax deductible. Our services are provided free of charge to our clients, and results in families that live in safety, renewed hopefulness, free from the threat of violence and abuse. You can make a difference in the lives of women and children escaping abuse. We can’t end the prevalence of domestic violence, but we can end domestic violence, one family at a time.

Abuse Facts

  • 75% of all homicides related to domestic violence occur after the victim leaves the relationship
  • Every nine seconds, a woman is battered in the United States
  • Domestic violence occurs in 60% of marriages, and is the most under reported crime
  • 25% of women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime
  • Domestic violence is the single major cause of injury to women, more than muggings or car accidents combined

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